How to Strengthen the Adductors (Inner Thighs) With Brad Beer

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What are the adductors?

The adductors are the muscles of the inner thigh. This muscles move the thigh towards the body’s midline.

The are used in any running based exercise and work in conjunction with the glute medius. If they aren’t strong enough you will have a degree of hip collapse. Which in turn will load up the knees, hips, lower back, calves leading to pain and injury in these areas.

Performing the Exercise

Position 1

Lay down onto your back with the legs bent at 45 degrees and place the ball in between the knees. You then squeeze gently on the ball until you feel the inner thighs engage and then hold this pressure.  Hold this for 30 seconds with an 80% of strength exersion rate.

Start with 4 x 30 second holds at 80% intensity and progress onto 4 x 1 min holds at 100% intensity over a period of 4-8 weeks

Position 2

The second position is with the legs straight and the ball between the ankles. The length of time and the intensity of the squeezes is the same as above in position 1

Brad Beer.

POGO Physio Founder and Guru Clinician

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