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Lateral ankle sprain stability taping.

This taping is appropriate for anyone who feels instability through the ankle on the lateral side (outer side). Whether the instability is due to laxity of ligaments (stretched ligaments) or weakness of lateral muscles (peroneals) this tape job will help the player feel more stable through the foot and will give the player more confidence and can help reduce the risk of re-injury.
A few tips:
1. Makes sure you put the anchors on without any force or without any pull. They should be gently placed on the skin as they are only used as an anchor for the other pieces of tape to attach to.
2. Make sure when applying your stirrups that you are placing the tape from the medial (inner part) of the foot to the lateral part as going from lateral to medial will be counteractive.
3. Make sure when applying the stirrups you are applying a relatively aggressive force to the tape as this is what helps keep the foot stabilized.
4. Heel locks are not mandatory to use. Try them and see if they are helpful and if not don’t stress about using them.
5. Make sure when taping the foot the foot remains in planter grade. (right angle)
Thanks so much for watching.

If you are unsure of anything in this video please contact your physiotherapist. You can also make an appointment for a physiotherapist to tape your ankle or to show you in more depth before your next event.

Vianna Ross

POGO Associate Physiotherapist

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