Hip External Rotation Progression – Hip Stability

 In Lower Limb

This is the progression for the Hip External Rotation 1 which can be viewed HERE

It is best performed at home off the edge of a firm bed.

Most Applicable To;

– anyone with lower limb conditions
– Runners in particular

Rarely do I treat a runner in the treatment room that doesn’t need to include this as part of their strength program.

Muscles Targeted

– Hip External Rotators that control the hip
– Prevents the hip from collapsing and dropping which puts more stress and load through the lower limbs.


– To be able to perform 100 repetitions continuously and with smooth control of the movement.

When you first commence this exercise it is likely that you may struggle to do any where near 100 repetitions continuously. Your movements may also feel ‘jerky’.


Persist with this exercise and you will get great results. The improvement in hip stability and strength will result in improved movements with activities such as running.


These improved movements will result in less load on the lower limbs and therefore a reduced injury risk.

This exercise can also assist with making runners more efficient with their technique and therefore faster runners.

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