You CAN Run Pain Free! Book has launched!

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On Friday the 6th over 100 people gathered at iconic Gold Coast BSKT cafe for the launch of  our senior physio and practice founder Brad Beer’s first book ‘You CAN Run Pain Free!’ A Physio’s 5 Step Guide to Enjoying Injury-Free and Faster Running’.

The book has been written to restore hope for the runner who may have lost hope that it is indeed possible to run pain free. The book and it’s 5 practical steps are helping runners globally unlock their true running potential.
To find our more about Brad’s approach and unique 5 step method to enjoying running pain and injury free (and faster!) check out these resources.
1. Our blog -click HERE.
2. Our YOUTUBE channel-click HERE.
If you wish to purchase the book you can get it HERE.
Some photos from the evening are displayed below.
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