The mind-body connection! What are we talking about?

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Pilates and the mind/body connection

The human body is amazing. It can do far more than the mind will let us believe. Often time’s limitations that we believe to be physical are in fact psychological.

Pilates is a difficult workout not only from a physical perspective but because it requires a lot of concentration also. We must think a lot more about what muscles we are using and the movement we are performing.

You will gain a greater awareness of how your body is moving and what muscles are being used. You will then be able to carry this over to your day to day live in order to help you do things safely and with less risk of injury.


Pilates will help you gain greater awareness of your body and how it moves Pilates will help you gain greater awareness of your body and how it moves


You will start to think, is my T-zone[1] on, are my shoulders down and back or hunched.

Mastery of this mind-body technique takes time to develop and to connect with your body. Too often we perform movement without thinking. Pilates is a chance to tune into your own body. You must switch off the brain from all other distractions.

When you come into a Pilates class you must use the time to focus on yourself. We spend so much time running around doing this that and the other for everything else. Once you come in the door leave it outside. Don’t worry about what you have to do after class.

You have taken the time to book the session, spent the money to be there so make sure you get the most out of it by arriving on time and focusing solely on the session for those 40 minutes while you are here.

Peter Ledwidge – Pilates Pete

POGO Fitness Pilates Instructor

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