I really want to do Pilates but i am nervous about group classes. What can I do?

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Are you nervous about group classes?

So you want to do Pilates at POGO Physio? That’s fantastic! We can’t wait have you in.

Perhaps you’ve done a few group sessions and are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the group sessions, that they are perhaps too intense for you right now or similar feelings of this nature?

Or perhaps after your initial 1:1 session you have apprehensions about the group sessions, perhaps the workout was more challenging than you thought and you feel like you need more time before joining the group sessions.

Still have the same concerns? That is not a problem at all and completely understandable. But do not despair we can still look after you.


All you need to do is simply have a chat to your instructor and let him know this is how you feel. He will then be more than happy to book you in for some 1:1 sessions until such time as you feel ready to return to or join the group sessions.

In these 1:1 sessions a tailored program will be designed for you to target the areas that you feel are limiting you from getting the full benefit from the group sessions i.e. a tailored Pilates exercise program specific to your needs.

Additionally you could do a combination of 1:1 and group sessions if you wanted to further boost your results, develop yourself quicker or ease into the group classes.

The possibilities are endless. All that you have to do is be open and honest about your experience and we (POGO) will do our utmost to get you the outcome that you are after.

For these or any other options you wish to discuss simply speak to your instructor and he will be more than happy to help. His primary goal and motivation is making you feel good, getting you the results that you are after but more importantly in a way that you are comfortable and satisfied with. After all it is your money and your body that we are talking about. Shouldn’t you be the one to decide how to use them?


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