Top Stretches and Exercises for All

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At POGO physio we treat athletes and non-athletes of all levels, ages and abilities. Everyone can benefit from some core strengthening, stability and stretching to assist them in every day life.

Here are some of the best and most commonly prescribed.

Core Strength

Bird Dog Level 1;
– hold for 30sec-1min each side
-Excellent for core Strength

Side Bridges;
– A test of maximal endurance
– holding until failure i.e. hips start to drop

Strength Exercises

Glute Medius Activation;
– Great for lower back rehabilitation and lower limb injuries
– hold for 30sec and repeat on other side
– repeat twice on both sides

Fire Hydrants;
– helps to build hip strength
– Start with 3 x 12 reps each side building to 36 non-stop

Hip External Rotators;
– Excellent for anyone with lower limb conditions, especially runners.
– The exercise targets the hip stabilising muscles known as the external rotators


Quad and Hip Flexor;
– Place one foot up against the wall, with the top of the foot against the wall
– The other leg comes forward. Ensure the knee is over the ankle and not rolling in.
– Tuck the bottom under
– Hold for at least a minute

Beginner Quad Stretch;
– hold for 1 min and repeat on the other side
– Great for knee/hip conditions, lower back pain, running, triathlon and general lower limb sports

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