Eccentric Bridges – Exercise for Hamstring Tendon Problems

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Hamstring Tendon Pathology

Problems with the hamstring tendon origin are very common amongst runners and triathletes.

One of the proven rehabilitation principles is to help recondition the hamstring tendon(s) by performing eccentric strengthening exercises.

Eccentric exercises place load through the hamstring tendons as the tendon is being lengthened. Such exercise has been found to be highly beneficial in assisting the tendon(s) to regain integrity.

Eccentric Bridges

Eccentric exercise progressions are typically:

1. start with double leg bridges (up on two legs, down on one leg).
2. progress to: up on two legs, down on the affected side.
3. lastly progress to: up on the affected leg and down on the affected leg.

Best repetitions are 3×12 reps to begin with followed by progressions over time to 3×15-20reps.

It is important to exclude other diagnosis such as ischio-gluteal bursitis before commencing such hamstring tendon strengthening exercise.

Rehabilitation of any pathological tendon will take time. Patience with the above exercises is critical. A minimum of 12 weeks of exercise is generally required.

Please see your local health professional for advice and direction if your pain persists.

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