Side Bridge with Scissor Kick – Core Stability and Glute Med Strength Exercise

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Side Bridge with Scissor Kick

This is a terrific core stability and strengthening exercise for the gluteus medius muscle and tendon.

The exercise is known as a ‘Side Bridge with Scissor Kick’.

Start Position

– On one side on your elbow with the elbow beneath the shoulder
– raise the hips off the floor
– raise the top arm up to the sky

Performing the Exercise

– Raise and lower the top leg without letting the hips drop or the bum stick out behind
– Keep the ankles, knees, hips and shoulders in line.
– Start with a low number of repetitions and build up. As an example you may start with 3×6 reps and progress to 3×12 reps.
– Aiming to build up to 50 reps on each side continuously

It is an advanced exercise so would form part of a latter stage hip rehabilitation program or an injury free runner or lower limb athlete’s strength and maintenance program.

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