Bird-Dogs – Core Stability Exercise

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This is a commonly prescribed core stability exercise that we prescribe at POGO. The exercise is known as the bird-dogs. It is very effective for the rehabilitation of lower back pain and as an exercise to address core stability deficits for other conditions including: hip pain, knee pain, running injuries, and even foot and ankle pain.

The exercise targets activation and early stage strengthening of the:

-erector spinae musculature

-transversus abdominus

-rectus abdominus


The aim is to:

-hold the back leg high and fully extended

-hold the arm extended and level with the leg and trunk

-minimise twisting of the hips

To begin the exercise:

– come into four point kneeling position with wrists below the shoulders and knees below the hips

– raise and extend opposite arm and leg e.g. right arm and left leg or vice versa

– aim for 30 second holds each side focussing on the above.

– Repeat twice.

To progress the exercise:

-build up hold times to 1 min on each side.

-Repeat two-three sets of the 1min holds.

-progress to eyes closed holds

-progress to ‘compass’ or ‘sweeping’ progressions (coming on our YOUTUBE channel)

If you encounter pain check with your health care practitioner or local physiotherapist.

Brad Beer (APAM)

POGO Founder

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