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How can Physio help my Dizziness?

Physiotherapy can be of assistance in managing your vertigo or dizziness. There are several causes of Vertigo/dizziness however the most common and easily treated by Physiotherapy is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV).


What is the Vestibular System and BPPV?

 The vestibular system is a series of canals and fluid filled sacs found in your inner ear that detect movement and help with balance. BPPV is a condition caused by unwanted and unnecessary debris floating around in one of the posterior semi-circular canals in your inner ear. The cause of BPPV remains unknown however it can be triggered with certain medications or post virus.

What will I experience if I am suffering from BPPV?

 Vertigo is often described as the sensation of the room spinning around you. People suffering from BPPV typically experience vertigo when they put their heads back, roll over or look down. It is also typically towards one direction and can also be associated with nausea and blurred vision.

How can Physio Help?

 Your Physiotherapist can conduct a test termed the Dix – Hallpike manoeuvre which if positive causes abnormal eye movement (nystagmus) confirming the BPPV.  Another treatment consisting of a series of movements that drain the debris out of the inner ear can then be carried out until the clients symptoms cease. Exercises to continue with this drainage can also be given to the client.

If you are suffering from dizziness please ask your GP if physio can help or consult your local Physiotherpist!!!!

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