Core Stability Exercise for Runners and Hip Strength – Fire Hydrants

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Core Stability Exercise for Runners and Hip Strength – Fire Hydrants

In the below video I demonstrate a key exercise that I prescribe for runners and triathletes to build hip strength.

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Transcript (video)

Hi guys, its Brad from POGO Physio.  I would like to show you a great exercise that I give out routinely for people such as runners and triathletes to build hip strength.

It’s called a “fire hydrant” and when you see the exercise you will understand why.  Start with what we call a four-point kneel position, with your hands directly under your shoulders, and your knees directly under your hips.  From here we take one leg out to the side and move it up and down without your foot hitting the floor.  Your foot should be as far forward as possible, ideally in line with your hip.  To start with you could begin with three lots of a dozen repetitions.  Once you become competent you can move onto 36 continuously, obviously working both sides.

It’s a terrific exercise called the “fire hydrant”.


  • Beginners: start with 3x 12 reps each side (yes you will feel the burn)
  • Advanced: aim for 1x 36-50 reps continuously (builds endurance)


Make sure:

  • the swing leg is as straight as possible (ignore my tight hamstrings in the video which gives my leg a ‘bent’ appearance.
  • the swing leg and foot is as far forwards as possible. The aim is to have the foot level with the hip. Some runners have the foot to far backwards which doesn’t yield the same results.

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