Achilles Tendon Exercise – This is a must know!

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Types of Achilles Tendon Conditions

Achilles Tendon problems can be broadly categorised as being mid-portion (in the middle of the tendon) or insertional (where the tendon inserts into the heel bone).

This exercise as demonstrated by POGO Guru physio Brad Beer is effective for promoting a healthier tendon. As with any tendon problem time frames for recovery can be long, so don’t forget to be patient.

Performing the Exercise

– Come on the toes and hold, then release
– Use a wall for balance

Progression Protocol:

– 10 x 30s holds
– 5 x 1min holds
– 3 x 2min holds
– 1 x 5min hold

Progress to  the next level every 2 weeks as an approx. guide.



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