Lower Back Pain Explained- Radio Interview

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Lower Back Pain Explained- Radio Interview

Recently I was interviewed on popular Gold Coast radio station 4CRB for the Health Matters show. The interview’s focus was on lower back pain. Lower back pain is an enormous burden on society with up to 80% of society being affected by lower back pain in their lifetime.

My Back Pain Story

Having suffered debilitating lower back pain myself whilst at university I find it very easy to empathise with lower back pain sufferers. The fear, the anxieties, the confusion, and unfortunately the well-meaning stories from friends and family members about their ‘bad back’ experiences, all contribute to what is often an overwhelming experience and ‘dark patch’.

Fortunately your recovery doesn’t have to be this way. Research has shown that successful and permanent treatment for back pain must be based on educating back pain sufferers. According to Trish Wisbey Roth and Nick Sinfield authors of The Back Pain Personal Health Plan -Bounce Back Edition it’s important to teach back pain sufferers to

            Recognise and change ingrained perceptions and beliefs about their pain and the resulting emotional stress this produces. This holistic approach which treats lower back pain as a physical, mental, an emotional issue, offers a more effective and lasting treatment option.

                                              Lower Back Pain will affect up to 80% of people in their lifetime.

When I first launched my practice (now known as POGO Physio)  I actually named the practice ‘My Back’s Physio’. The vision at that stage was to only treat patients who were suffering from lower back pain. Having been through three painful, frustrating and at times depressing years of suffering lower back pain myself I wanted to help others with their own back pain challenges.

My passion for lower back pain has never diminished. Lower back pain alongside my interests in running related injuries and athlete optimisation very much remains a core area of practice. I estimate that I would of helped in excess of three thousand back pain sufferers in my eight years of clinical practice to date.

Questions Answered During This Interview

In this interview with the host of Health Matters Dr Peter Heiner I answer the following nine questions relating to lower back pain:

1. How common is lower back pain?

2. Why is back pain so common?

3. What are some of the causes of back pain?

4. What can I do about back pain?

5. I’ve heard that bed rest is no longer recommended when I have back pain. Is this true?

6. How long will it take to get better?

7. What does a physiotherapist do for back pain?

8. Should I get a scan of my back?

9. When should I see my doctor?

If you have any questions, feedback,  or you would like to comment please feel free to do so.

In generating future blog topics I’m also keen to learn what concerns you most about the lower back pain you suffer from? (Please leave a comment)

Listen to the interview HERE.

Brad Beer (APAM)

Physiotherapist, Founder POGO Physio, Author 

Former Back Pain Sufferer

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