Improve Your Golf Swing with Pilates?

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Improve your Golf game with Pilates.

Aside from practice and getting the help of a golf coach the biggest reason you golf swing may be struggling is due to the physical limitations within your body.

Most of the power and direction in the golf swing comes from the hips and the shoulders. We wind the body up and then release that power through the body transferring the energy into the club head, which is then transferred to the ball at contact.

Attention Golfers… Pilates can help you hit that hole in one!

You will increase the power of your swing by increasing the ability of your shoulders to rotate farther than the pelvis. If your spine, hips and shoulders are not flexible enough, no matter how hard you try, you simply will not be able to rotate the shoulders away from the hips enough to create this effect.

Increasing this angle also requires strength through the core, abdominals and obliques in order to keep you upright and to bring the hips and the pelvis back to the front again.
Pilates is the perfect way to work on all of these things – it increases the flexibility of the spine, shoulders and hips, and improves your core strength and control so that you can get the most out of your golf.

Poor spinal flexibility and core strength  can lead to injuries such as lower back pain, shoulder pain and elbow and even wrist pain – so Pilates can not only help to improve your golf, it can also help prevent injuries too.
So if any of these benefits sound like something you would like to experience then don’t delay and book in today.


Peter “Pilates” Ledwidge

POGO Fitness Pilates Instructor

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