Swimmers 4 Must Know Strength & Stability Exercises

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Stability exercises for Swimmers

Much of a swimmer’s success is achieved outside of the pool.

While it is not uncommon for a swimmer to log thousands of kilometres in any given year of training (junior and senior alike) there is an all important component of ‘dry land’ or outside of the pool exercise that must also be adhered to.

The purpose of the dry land exercise regime is to in effect strengthen and stabilise the key regions of the body involved in swimming. While stretching and mobility based exercises are also important they do not form the basis of this blog post.

There are 4 terrific strength and stability exercises  that I routinely give prescribe to swimmers.

The videos below outline these exercises.

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Brad Beer (POGO Guru Physio)

Exercise 1. Three Point Kneeling Band Pull Throughs (below).

Exercise 2. Side Dumbell Rotations (below).

Exercise 3. Contra Cables (below).

Exercise 4. Single Leg Gym Ball Bridges (below).

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