Tennis Elbow Treatment – A terrific tendon exercise

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Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylagia) is a very common condition. Unfortunately many cases of tennis elbow require considerable periods of time to correct the underlying changes that have occurred in the (extensor) tendons of the elbow.

How to treat tennis elbow.

One of the mainstays of treatment for tendon related elbow pain is eccentric strengthening exercises.

In this video one of POGO’s clients Drew demonstrates a great exercise for strengthening the extensor tendons.


Cares should be taken to not lift weights that are too heavy. Rather start light for example with  1-2kg weights (or objects) and build the weight up progressively.

How to Perform the Exercise.

Aim for 3sets of 12 reps and note that you should feel some degree of discomfort on the last set of 12reps.

Consult with your physiotherapist for more detailed understanding of overcoming tennis elbow/lateral elbow pain.

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