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As I write this we are just 12 days into a new calendar year and there are 353 days remaining in the year. I recently heard a speaker address the topic of time. His message addressed the concept of how we order our schedules and diaries. His suggestion was to not focus on what we need to ‘get done’ but rather on ‘who we wish to become’.

It got me thinking about many people’s exercise habits. In our work at POGO our team of physios daily see the differences between the physical health of those who schedule exercise in their diaries and those who do not. As you would expect those who do schedule exercise into their diaries tend to be in better (or mush better) physical shape than those who do not. What is also clear is that the habit of exercise and the associated benefits to physical health are carried into people’s latter years. I can think of several seventy year olds who jump up and down on the physio treatment table with the ease of someone half their age.

This summer I encourage you to take the POGO Exercise Schedule Challenge. Go ahead right now and for the month of November schedule 30mins of exercise into your diaries right NOW! Start with three times a week. From there you can build in frequency. But to start with make it achievable

I often tell clients that consistency beats frequency when it comes to exercise. That is start with a manageable exercise target 2 or 3 times a week and stick with it. It’s much more advantageous than failing on a commitment of 7day week exercising after just 1 week of trying to stick to an exercise regime.

So go no further pull out your diary and as NIKE would tell us JUST DO IT!

If you are looking for some motivation I hope you read and enjoy the below posts-check out the amazing research that recently emerged from a study of over 22,000 people that proved the life giving benefits of running (Running Reduces Your Chances of Dying).

Please write to me and advise me of your success with the POGO Exercise Schedule Challenge. Don’t leave it until tomorrow!


Small daily neglects have the irksome and unnerving way of becoming major oversights with time (anon).


 Brad Beer (APAM)

Physiotherapist, Founder POGO Physio, Best-selling Author

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