Foam Roller Exercises for Runners

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Foam Roller Exercises for Runners

Runners require regular running body maintenance in order to perform at their physical best. Failure to do so will increase their likelihood of developing a running injury, that may have been avoidable. After all 50-75% of all running injuries are attributed to being ‘overuse’ injuries.

Options for body maintenance and tissue management include receiving:

  • remedial massage therapy , OR
  • Stretching -click HERE for my top 3 trail runners stretches.
  • self body maintenance. This can include self massage with trigger point therapy (for example the upper traps-muscles which often get tight for runners-click HERE).

One of the more common and certainly frequent practices that runners have adopted for body maintenance is foam -rollering.

In this video I demonstrate how to effectively use a foam roller for the release of tension in key running body regions such as the: ITB’s, quadriceps, hamstrings & calves.

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Brad Beer (APAM)

Physiotherapist, Author Amazon Best seller You CAN Run Pain Free!, Founder POGO Physio


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