Shannon Eckestein’s Ironman 2014/15 Wrap up

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Congratulations to our Ironman Legend Shannon Eckstein (8 times Ironman series winner) on 1st place, in last weekend’s Ironman Round 5 in Newcastle!  

Despite coming 1st in most rounds this series, Shannon was 1 point off Winning his 9th Ironman Series with Ali Day taking out this year Ironman Series winner.

“Everyone knows how good Shannon Eckstein is, as an athlete. He was going for his ninth series and I was a bit on edge.” said Ali Day.

“We haven’t had a battle come down to the last couple of rounds for probably eight or so years, so it is really good for the sport that Ali has won a series,” said Eckstein.

Shannon congratulated Ali saying “He came back and raced consistently all season, so congratulations to him.”

Catch Up on Shannon’s results here:

Final men’s series standings: 1. Ali Day 2. Shannon Eckstein 3. Matt Poole 4. Ky Hurst 5. Kendrick Louis 6. Wes Berg 7. Matt Bevilacqua 8. Jack Moyes 9. Tanyn Lyndon 10. Luke Cuff 11. Caine Eckstein 12. Nathan Smith 13. Jackson Maynard 14. Hayden Allum 15. Sam Hamilton.





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