Lower Back and Glut Stretches

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Lower Back and Glute Stretches

These lower back and gluteal stretches are used both in response to acute episodes of lower back pain and for maintenance of spinal health.

Ensure that if you are doing them after an acute episode of back pain that it is PAIN FREE through your lower back and try and do them 2-3 times per day.

For ongoing maintenance of spinal health do them 1-2 times per day. If you have difficulty getting on and off the floor they can be done on your bed also.

Stretch 1

Lying on the back and rotate the knees from side to side. To progress this exercise straighten one leg and lower the other leg to one side

Stretch 2 – Glute Stretch

Place your hand on the outside of the knee. Draw it towards the opposite shoulder and drawing into rotation with the opposite hand.

Caution! You shouldn’t feel any pain in the knee. IF you do please discontinue this stretch

Stretch 3 – Glute Stretch

Place one ankle on the opposite knee. Lift the head and shoulders to look through the gap in the legs. Put one hand through the gap and the other hand goes out side the knee. Grab the leg below the knee and pull it in towards the body to feel a stretch in the glute of same leg that the ankle is on top of the opposite knee.

The Result

Combining these stretches will help you to get more range in a forward bend position.

Lindsay Christie

POGO Master Physiotherapist

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