Do Not Doubt That Pilates Is a Workout?

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You may be wondering if you will get or how you will get a ‘workout’ with Pilates. The perception for some that it is quite gentle and relaxed and so don’t see it as a workout. But the reality is very different.

One of the major differences with Pilates to other forms of exercise is that it is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical challenge. You must get in tune with your body and recognise what muscles are working and learn to activate muscles correctly and in the right sequence in order to move better.

Many people have reported that this increased body awareness has helped them in so many ways in their daily life. For example  by isolating the postural muscles of the body when performing a simple act like driving you recognise when you are slouching and so adjust your position to a more correct posture.

I spoke in earlier blogs about lactic acid and DOMS (delayed onset muscles soreness). These are usually only associated with high intensity exercises but you will most definitely experience them in Pilates. You will be performing exercises that the body is not used to and using muscles that may have not been used for some time.

Pilates is perceived as gentle and relaxed, the reality can be quite different!

Lactic acid is achieved by taking you to exhaustion on exercises as much as possible. Pilates is not about number of reps performed but time under tension. DOMS will be experienced in the days following as your body recovers from the workout.

The best way to recover from DOMS is with movement and exercise. Keeping the muscles moving increases their flexibility and mobility and will shorten recovery time. The best recovery would be to come back in for another Pilates session.

The sooner you come back in, the quicker you will increase your tolerance of lactic acid and DOMS. That means that you will be able to work out for longer, more often and to recover quicker.


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