Walk Taller! How Pilates Can Help You

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How can Pilates help you to walk Taller?

We all live and breathe and move but we don’t always move in the most efficient way possible. This causes muscle soreness, tightness and postural imbalances.

These imbalances have been caused from a young age. As soon as we start school we sit down for hours on end, carry heavy bags often on one shoulder and slouching in chairs. Then in the work place chances are you are sitting at a desk, at a counter, or behind a steering wheel and then drive home to sit on the couch for the evening. All the time sending the wrong movement signals to the brain.

As these patterns of misuse are repeated the input to the brain accepts them as normal and locks it into the memory bank. Therefore to change the way we move we have to go back to basics and change the input so we get the right muscles doing the right jobs. Then by repeating these good movement patterns, the brain will receive the correct input and natural, normal movement will be restored to the body.

Most people live with some sort of pain or discomfort in their bodies and have just come to accept it as normal. But this isn’t normal and doesn’t have to feel that way.

Through Pilates we are going to retrain your body how to move in the most efficient way possible to have you looking AND feeling better than you ever thought you could.

Peter Ledwidge

Fitness Pilates Instructor

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