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Beginners Workout

In this video our Pilates Instructor, Peter presents a short exercise sequence which is great for improving T-zone activation, improving pelvic stability and iliacus control. This is very applicable to beginners to ensure you gain the T-zone strength required before moving on to more challenging exercises.

These exercises are perfect as a warm up before your workouts at POGO or as a home exercise option.

The exercises are;

  • Bent Knee Fallout
  • Lift Foot
  • Leg Slides

Things to watch out for are;

  • Keep the pelvis and spine still
  • T-zone tight to keep the hips from moving
  • Obliques activated to stop the lower back arching

Please like and share this video if you know anyone that may find it useful. If you have any questions you can leave a comment or contact Peter at p.ledwidge@pogophysio.com.au

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Peter Ledwidge
Certified Pilates Instructor & Personal Trainer

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