The Keys To A Balanced Exercise Program Part 2

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In my last blog I spoke about the 4 elements that a balanced exercise regime should cover. They are

– Flexibility and posture

– Aerobic/cardio

– Sport and play

– Functional Strength Training

Now I will look at how much and how often of each type we should do.

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For a balanced program you should undertake between 1-4 hours of each per week. So over a 7 day period what might that look like? Here is an example

– Flexibility and Posture; A 1hr Pilates class or 90 minute yoga class

– Aerobic/Cardio; 2-3 30 min jogs

– Sport and Play; A game of squash and throw of the Frisbee

– Functional Strength Training; Go to the gym 2 time for 45 minutes each

That is a total of 5 to 7 hours approximately over a whole week. If you think you would have trouble fitting this all in or finding a balance. Here is a useful chart to enable you to keep track of how you are going.

balance(Click on Image)

The 4 areas are listed on the left and within each are blocks of 15 minute segments. 4 blocks equates to an hour of that activity. Each time you partake in an activity you tick of the 15 minute blocks. If we go back to the sample week above we would tick

– 4-6 blocks in the Flexibility and Posture Row

– 4-6 blocks in the cardio row

– 4 blocks in the ‘Sport and Play’ row

– 6 blocks in the ‘Functional Strength Training’ row.

At the end of a week ideally we want to be in the green zone for each i.e. 2-3 hours of each activity. You must also be mindful if you have a preference for a particular activity e.g. running. If you have done 4 hours in a week but haven’t yet ticked any other boxes, before doing a 5th hour of running it is perhaps time to look at one of the other areas first.

We all have preferences but the key is to balance it out. Over reaching in one area can lead to injury if attention is not given to the other areas as well.

If you would like to learn more about Functional Strength Training or even just more direction on how to go about formulating a gym exercise program Peter is a qualified Personal Trainer with a particular interest in Functional Strength Training. He can empower you with the knowledge to take your gym workouts to another level. He will assist you to formulate an exercise regime and provide guidance on how to perform exercises safely and effectively. These exercises will help you to improve strength, power, core control and dynamic stability.

You can contact Peter by emailing him on

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