Lung Conditions – How Can Physio Help?

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Physiotherapy and Lung Conditions

Most people are not aware that one of the major areas of physiotherapy treatment and management is of lung conditions. Some of the lung conditions Physiotherapists are involved in treating include but are not limited to; cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, pulmonary oedema, pneumonia and pleural effusion.

What problems would I see a chest physio for?

Physiotherapists are involved in the treatment and management of breathlessness, reduced fitness, airway clearance (coughing up secretions), reduced oxygen saturation in the blood or finger probe testing.


How will physiotherapy help?

Physiotherapy can assist in airway clearance using a number of varied manual techniques and positions as well as educating clients and providing devices that will assist with clearing the lungs. Pulmonary rehab is also aimed at improving exercise tolerance and equipping clients with tactics and ways to manage and reduce breathlessness, improve health and wellbeing and clear secretions.


Lindsay Young

(POGO Master)


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