What if you can’t ‘fix me’ with a fixed fee unlimited access Finish Line® Program?


The ultimate aim of the fixed fee unlimited access2, 6, and 12 Week Finish Line® Programs is to complete rehabilitation in the ascribed period of time.

We would like to see everyone complete their rehabilitation in the respective Finish Line® Program time period.


However for some long standings conditions (eg osteoarthritis/ degenerative joint conditions) undertaking comprehensive rehabilitation such as with a Finish Line® Program while not ‘fixing’ the problem, can make the world of difference in overall ‘function’.

All Finish Line® Program clients have their overall function measured as a percentage at the time of the Initial Appointment. In the ensuing treatments the overall function score is charted and the trend over the weeks is observed.

Typically with targeted treatment (courtesy of receiving an accurate diagnosis at the time of the Initial Appointment) very large improvements  in function can be achieved

If we are unable to treat you within the practice, we would follow through with you on your journey and refer you onwards to specialists etc. to who would be most appropriate to your needs.

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