Sarah Ellis (APAM)

Why did you become a physio? I have always had a passion for health and wellness – growing up, my afternoons and weekends were filled with training sessions and games for elite level [...]

Zak Van Dartel

Why did you become an Exercise Physiologist? Being an active and sporty person my whole life, I knew a job in the health industry was calling my name and I wanted to avoid a bland desk job as [...]

Cheryl Phipps

About Cheryl: Growing up on the NSW central coast, I loved the beaches, the surf and the beautiful waterways. I always had a love for netball, playing representative level up to my senior years. [...]

Daniel Cavanagh

Why did you become a podiatrist? We need our feet for every step. Having foot and ankle pain not only hurts but affects our mental health also. Having the opportunity to help people walk and run [...]