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We Are Hiring-Admin & Physios

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Are you looking for a career change?

Are you looking for a challenge in your work life?

Are you stale with a lack of career progression?

Perhaps you yearn for a supportive workplace?

A workplace where you can enjoy your work-mates company while deriving satisfaction from kicking goals with meaningful work?

If you can relate the good news is such a workplace and career challenge does exist. And maybe, just maybe  you might find it with us.

We are always on the look out for the right type of person to join our POGO family. We are a little different in how we do things, and just like dating we are pretty fussy.

We have found that the most important step in getting to know each other is giving you an insight into what we ‘are like’ as people. Collectively we  share the traits our team exhibit as outlined below. If you cannot relate to these traits than a career with us is probably not your next career move. We encourage you to keep looking until you find the right and ‘best fit’ for you.

POGO Team Member Traits

Our team members:

  • like to be challenged (have an aversion for comfort)
  • like to do work that matters
  • insist on having daily fun (if it is not fun we are going home!)
  • love making our client’s day
  • enjoy the challenge of delivering work with excellence
  • have a genuine love for people
  • enjoy sweating five times per week or more
  • Enjoy the pursuit of physical best performance

Your First Step

If you resonate with our team member traits than you may wish to take your first step towards finding out more. The application process for a position with us (administration or clinical) is a Multi- Step process. We believe in taking the time to match the right position with the right applicant. From our experience we have learnt that this is best done over a series of steps and not ‘in a rush’.

Your first step is a phone chat with our Practice Manager. To get in touch click HERE.

Available Roles

1. Master Physiotherapist

The Rub: 90% Rx, 5% creating cool and highly relevant content, 5% physio support & mentoring, or service co-ordinating.

2. Administration

The Rub: 100% delivering memorable and professional customer service experiences.

To get in touch and find out more about our application process contact us HERE.

All the best!

Brad Beer (APAM)

Physiotherapist, Founder POGO Physio, Author ‘You CAN Run Pain Free!

Physio Gold Coast POGO Physio

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