Improve your next Triathlon time with Pilates

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Improve your next triathlon time with Pilates.

Are you ready to ‘tri’ Pilates? Yes the pun was intended.

More and more people are taking on the challenge of triathlon and it is one of the fastest growing sports. People partake in triathlon for many reasons

  • The challenge of competing in 3 disciplines
  • The variety of training
  • To get fitter
  • To lose weight

Cycling on twilight time

Whatever it may be and whatever level you may decide to participate or compete at the underlying factor is that it places huge demand on the body. Due to the increased levels of exercise that you may now be doing it may also result in an increased likelihood of injury.

So to make sure that you can swim, ride and run to your hearts content you must insure to incorporate some form of strengthening and conditioning into your training regime. And one of the best forms of this that you can do is Pilates. Think of it as the glue that binds all 3 disciplines together. It is the oil that keeps all the joints lubricated so that they don’t start to squeak.

Training in the 3 disciplines alone will not equal success. You must also focus on technique to improve or simply stay injury free. The stronger you get and the longer you go without injury the more gains you are going to see in your performance.

And even if results are not your main aim i.e. you simply want to complete one that does not mean that you should place any less emphasis on strength and technique improvements.

So if you have done multiple triathlons or are gearing up for your first triathlon adding Pilates to your training regime will benefit you greatly. To discuss how Pilates can benefit you further please contact reception and ask to speak to our resident Pilates instructor who would be delighted to speak with you.


Peter Ledwidge

Fitness Pilates Instructor

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