Pain and Discomfort in Exercise – Why am I so sore the day after?– Part 2

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Why are my muscles sore the day after training?

In the last blog post we spoke about pain and discomfort. When to stop or keep going and Lactic acid. But what about that soreness in your muscles a day or two later? What’s that all about?

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When do a strenuous workout i.e. where you push yourself beyond your comfort zone, lactic acid is what you experience at the time off the workout. This discomfort disperses shortly after you stop and recover. However muscle soreness may return the day after and sometimes up to 2 days after the workout. This is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS for short.

This is a normal feeling to experience. It is the body’s way of telling you that you have done something that it has done something that it is not used to. It is nothing to be concerned about. A good remedy is light stretching or exercise e.g. light jog or walk.

This feeling will ease over the next day or so. The more you exercise the less you will experience DOMS i.e. you are getting fitter.

As with lactic acid however if this ‘good pain’ does not subside and continues as a pain in the bones or joints or a muscular pain that is affecting your mobility at this point you should consult a physician e.g. physiotherapist, exercise physiologist etc to fully diagnose the issue and to prescribe a program to correct it.


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