Ashley – Knee Pain

In 2014 it looked like knee pain would prevent Ashley from competing in the 2014 New York Marathon. Physiotherapy made competing and completing the marathon possible.

Dayne – Neck Strain

Like many clients we help at POGO Dayne was suffering from debilitating and frustrating neck pain and strain. It was affecting Dayne’s work output and recreational activities.

Lesley – Knee Pain

Lesley was referred to see POGO through her personal trainer. Suffering from knee pain (plica syndrome) Lesley feared not being able to participate in her much loved recreational past time – running.

Doug – Knee Surgery Recovery

Doug underwent a knee reconstruction in 2014 for a torn ACL ligament. Doug is now back doing the things that he loves to do – golf, family, and life (in no order of preference!).

Run Pain Free