Are Finish Line® Programs expensive?


Clients who choose a 2, 6, or 12 week Finish Line® Program as their preferred rehabilitation pathway on average receive 33% more in value from  their Program fee compared with their spend if they were to access the services in the Finish Line® Program on a session to session (pay as you go) basis.

The Finish Line® Programs are great rehabilitation options for clients who wish to maximise their function and rehabilitation without the financial constraints of session to session payments. For clients on a Finish Line® Program to receive value from their Program fee they must be willing to put a high priority on attending sessions and treatments.

If a client cannot commit the required time to comprehensive Finish Line® Program rehabilitation than we suggest that our cost effective monthly fixed fee Wellness Booster Packages may be a better option. Of course session to session pay as you traditional rehabilitation is another valid option.

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