Choose Your Finish Line

We know how frustrating it can be when there is seemingly ‘no end’ to physiotherapy. We’ve lost track of the number of times our clients have told us that they felt like they were told to just keep ‘coming back’ for follow-up appointments with no ‘end in sight‘. Clients have sometimes remarked that they perceived the only reason for a return visit to be so that the physio could go on a nice holiday, or to buy a nice car!

We believe every client that walks through our doors should have a set end to their physiotherapy treatment. We call this ‘end date’ to physiotherapy a Finish Line. We believe that when there is shared agreement & transparency toward an end date for treatment than better physiotherapy results are achieved.

To overcome the frustration of clients not having a set end date to their treatment we let you choose your Finish Line.

When a Finish Line is both sighted and set, the commitment & energy toward the Finish Line being crossed is greater  for both the physiotherapist and the client.

Greater commitment equates to greater results. Simple

POGO Physio Finish Line

Choose your POGO Finish Line.

You Choose

Throughout our experience in helping over 18,000 clients we have observed that there are only 2 Finish Lines that our clients want to cross:

1. Get Out of Pain.

This person simply wants to get out of pain as fast as they can! This person has no interest in complete rehabilitation or recovery. The sole focus is fast pain relief.

POGO Physio 2 week fast track

2. Fully Rehabilitate.

This person wants to get back to doing the physical things they love to do in life.   This person sees merit in ‘doing the job right the first time’. They want to not only get out of pain, but to also ‘take out insurance’ by treating the injury completely so that the likelihood of having to deal with the injury again in the future is minimised.

POGO Physio Into Performance

Once you choose your Finish Line we will then partner with you to ensure you cross it.

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