I must admit that I was a bit skeptical when I heard about Brads book. Many books that claim a miracle cure to running injuries are usually up-selling products and services and provide little value for runners looking for a tangible solution. However, I was hooked on this book’s content as soon as I read the first few pages, due to Brads writing style and his obvious first hand understanding of what most runners experience during their running career.

“You CAN Run Pain Free”, provides readers with a thorough understand of why runners get injured, how they can identify and address contributing factors, discusses the hidden physcological and mental factors associated with running injuries and then dispels the myth that running pain and injury is inevitable for runners.

However the real value of this book is Brad Beers five step method that directly assists readers to implement a number of simple measures that will assist in avoiding pain and injury.

John Mouland, Australian Marathon Reviews 

What a book! Runners always love to learn about how to stay healthy and run faster, after all, that is what matters the most. This book breaks down what you need to do in a clear and understandable manner. Brad’s passion shines through, and the stories he shares are truly inspirational. It is refreshing to hear from a physio who truly understands runners, and feels their pain, both physically and emotionally. I would recommend this book to anyone who has struggled with injuries in the past (isn’t that everyone?). Thanks for everything Brad!
Tina Muir
Runners Connect Community Manager & Elite Runner
Run to The Top Podcast Host

Brad’s passion for running and zeal to help others shine through every page of his new book. This work is underpinned by sound biomechanical and physiological principles, all written in his easy to follow, inimitable style. Thoroughly recommended.

Dr Ralph Vida, MBBS (HONS) (Ad.) FRACGP

 As a GP for more than 30years, a long time runner and a self-referred client of Brad’s I can attest to his knowledge, enthusiasm, and positive approach to the injured runner. He understands the goal is to return to running-not change to walking or take up another sport! Brad’s methods helped me to achieve a successful return to running after injury.

Dr Dianne Nichol, MBBS (HONS) (QLD) FRACGP

I am thrilled that Brad has written a book that will truly enhance all athletes’ ability to stay healthy and injury free.  I have such great respect for Bard and his practices and philosophies. He has helped some of my athletes get back to running quicker and more effectively than any other physio ever has. Not only this, but with Brad’s help, and the help of this book I plan on these athletes staying injury free throughout the year, and year after year!

Siri Lindley, Former World Triathlon Champion & Olympic Triathlon Coach

At the APA, we live by the mantra – Move Well, Stay Well.  Australian physiotherapists are well equipped to help the community stay physically active at all levels. Brad’s book serves this function by debunking the myths that prohibit many people from running for fitness.

Cris Massis, CEO Australian Physiotherapy Association

 The combination of Brad’s passion, knowledge and clinical experience in all things running makes this book a must-read and valuable resource for runners of all ages and experience levels.

Steven Obst, Physiotherapist, PhD candidate Griffith University

 Authentic and Honest, A Health Professional that Lives and Breaths in a Runners body. “Long may you run” Brad, You and your Readers.

Peter Hall 140,000 k and still going, Proprietor NIKE Robina

As an orthopaedic surgeon specialising in knee surgery, it’s clear running technique plays a vital role in injury prevention. Brad’s 5 Step logical approach to avoiding and correcting the multifactorial causes of repetitive running injuries is a fantastic resource for Runner’s of all levels & ages.

Christopher Vertullo MBBS, FRACS, FAOrthA, Director Knee Research Australia, Adjunct Assoc Professor, Centre for Musculoskeletal Research Griffith University

As a professional athlete the ability to run pain and injury free has been critical to my performance. At last Brad has distilled the same principles he has used to help me run pain free over my career into a resource available to runners of all levels. If you have an interest in exploring your running potential read this book.

Shannon Eckstein, Ironman Legend (8x Nutri-Grain Series, 5 X World Ironman, 6x Australian Ironman Champion)

 Brad is a high performance physiotherapist and his insights about running well and running fast have been grained through both personal experience and treating some of the worlds leading athletes over many years. This is a must read for any runner from beginner to professional with simple and highly effective strategies to help you achieve your running personal best injury free.

Dr Hal Rice MRI imaging specialist and sub 2:40 marathoner. MBBS(UQ) FRANZCR
Diagnostic and Interventional Neuroradiologist
Qscan Radiology Clinics
Associate Professor Griffith University and Bond School of Medicine

As a trail runner and age-group triathlete, I’ve had many niggles that have threatened my running career. But Brad’s expert knowledge of human physiology and running mechanics has seen him diagnose and rehabilitate even the most obscure problem. He knows his stuff! Highlight These five steps will keep the injuries at bay, improve your speed, but best of all, see you spending less time at the physio and more time on the trails. Physio Brad has done himself out of a job!  

John FitzGerald. Trail Runner & Age Group Triathlete

 In just 5 months I’ve gone from zero to cruising through my first 21km (injury free)! Without Brad, this feat would have been insurmountable, but Brad’s 5 step method has made the impossible, dare I say it, absolutely enjoyable!

 Rev. Ralph Mayhew, Pastor at Newlife Uniting Church

 Brad has helped me with ankle and calf injuries. Brad is sincere, extremely encouraging, knowledgeable, and an expert in his field. Brad’s running workshops are first class & a must do for all types of runners. It has revolutionised the way I run.

Chris Hassell-Runner.

 After 2 years of not being able to run at all due to Plica Syndrome in both knees, Brad had me up and running again within weeks, and totally without pain or injury. By following Brad’s exercise plan, I’m running regularly and doing all the training I previously enjoyed. I am still amazed at the speed of my recovery and feel truly grateful to have met Brad.

 Lesley Odisho Psychology Student

 I’ve never met anyone else with such professional enthusiasm to help others return to the activities that they love. Brads energetic passion is contagious leaving no stone unturned in his pursuit of excellence.

Graeme Rundle Personal Trainer

Having suffered the Runner’s Bust that Brad aptly describes in his book, I’m delighted that his advice and care has returned me to running with renewed confidence so quickly.

Sheree, GM & Co-Owner, Body Science International

 Brad’s passion and knowledge for both running and physiotherapy is evident in this book. Any runner will find it of great benefit in their quest for injury free and faster running.

Emma Moffatt, Dual Australian Olympian and World Champion Triathlete

 It never ceases to amaze me how quickly I’m on the road to recovery or just generally tuned up every time I see Brad. I often say ‘he is a genius!’

Mat Rogers, Dual Australian Rugby Representative

 I was on the brink of giving up on my running ambitions until Brad reassured me that he could restore my dream if I followed his recommendations he provided during treatment sessions. I have come so far…from being able to jog for only two minutes (due to an ITB band injury) to now competing in the 10km at University Games. Thanks Brad for getting me back on track!!!

 Joshua-Kaleb Faulkner-runner and university student

 As an ageing recreational runner and competitive squash player it’s all about injury management for me. Brad has helped me recover quickly from an annoying knee strain that I’ve been struggling with for some time. I’m glad I recently switched to the “Guru”. He understands runners and their injuries better than any other health professional I’ve been to in the past. Can’t wait to get a copy of his book, ‘You Can Run Pain Free-a Physio’s 5 Steps to Enjoying Pain and Injury-free Running’.

Martin Simpkins-runner

 Brad’s 5 step method is a proven way of beating running injuries. This book really does unlock the ‘secrets’ to running pain and injury free!

Hayley Bateup, Professional Ironwoman and 3x Coolangatta Gold Champion

Whilst training for my first marathon, Brad not only treated and repaired an injury I got, he gave an exercise and running plan to ensure it didn’t recur and I was ‘strong’ enough to handle the heavy work load. I made it thanks to Brad! It will be refreshing to read an educated and informative book written by an Australian; a runner; and an expert in his field.

Travis Ireland Director Corporate Challenge Events

Hi Brad,
I got stuck into your book yesterday! 16 pages in and you already had me reduced to tears three times over. I read a lot and find your style refreshing and empathetic! Thank you for gifting me a life changing book. I look forward to learning from it and look forward to my running journey ahead as we work to tackle all the niggles
Liz, Recreational Runner
The biggest thing I implemented though that I believe is helping me achieve faster results is eating healthier.  I made a big effort to cut out processed and eat fruit and vege.  Your section on achieving your ideal weight rang true as I come from a bike riding background and often riders try to by lighter bikes and spend thousands just getting 1kg lighter when they could loose 1kg themselves and achieve the same result.  So I realised if i wanted to achieve my goal of going sub 20min for 5K I was going to have to loose some weight. I’m feeling fitter, stronger, eating healthier and as a result I’m running faster!!! My P.B for the year has improved by over a minute!
Jai,  Recreational Runner


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The book is for anyone who runs, regardless of weekly mileage, speed or your perceived ability. Brad shares helpful information for all of us, whether you have dealt with pain or injury in the past or are currently going through something like that or even if you have not and are wanting to prevent that from being something you experience.

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RunRunLive is one of the world’s lading running podcasts. In episode 319 (season 4) Brad is interviewed by Chris. Together the conversation dives deeply into the physche of the injured runner, selecting running shoes, and the book’s 5 steps to injury free running. To listen to this episode click HERE.

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Australian Marathon Reviews 

Australian Marathon book review You CAN Run Pain Free


It is fair to say that Brad Beer’s, “You CAN Run Pain Free” really impressed Australian Marathon Reviews and after reading the book we highly recommend it to all runners regardless of running ability.

If you are injured, you need this book to ensure proper rehabilitation and to avoid reoccurrence of the injury. If you run and experience pain, please read this book to allow yourself to run comfortably and to enjoy every step during your future races and training runs. If you are not injured and have no pain when you run, we recommend that you buy this book anyway, as the book can be used a regular check-list to ensure that you are not falling into any bad habits that may result in troubles further down the track.

We give Brad Beer’s “You CAN Run Pain Free” 5/5 stars, as it provides runners with the knowledge and tools they require to run pain free and to avoid unnecessary injuries.

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Cinema Air Blog Book Review 

Physiotherapists and other clinicians will benefit from Brad’s pragmatic blend of research and reality. The book also provides the general public with a solid background of how to evaluate themselves, progress their running, and communicate better with their Physiotherapist when needed.

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