Michael HardersPhysiotherapist (APAM)

    Why did you become a physio:
    My first experience of physio like many people was with injuries as a young athlete (Aussie rules). From then on in, it became more of a process of elimination to find something that I had a passion for. The checklist was

    • Working with people (computers aren’t my thing)
    • Physical involvement
    • Science based (I love learning)

    The best thing about the job is guiding someone back to better movement.

    About Michael:
    Michael grew up in a small coastal town on the eyre peninsula in south Australia, best known for its great white shark cage diving. He loves salty water so much that after school he decided a one year stint farming oysters in the southern ocean would be a good idea. One year was enough. He graduated his bachelor of physiotherapy from UniSA in adelaide in 2015 and has since been working in a private practice in adelaide CBD.

    Random Q – Favourite Book:
    The Alchamist, Paulo Coehlo

    Weekly sweat:
    Aussie rules, running, barbells

    George Dooley