Lisa HicklenPhysiotherapist

    Why did you become a physio?
    My interest for physiotherapy stemmed from my own rehabilitation journey, whilst experiencing a pivotal knee injury entering my senior year basketball season. The challenges during this process and the success of return to sport; sparked a passion for me to want to help athletes and further explore the many settings and practice of physiotherapy. 

    About Lisa:
    Lisa is a Texas native who moved to Australia in 2017 to pursue her dream of becoming a Physiotherapist. She completed her Doctorate of Physiotherapy at Bond University in 2019. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science in 2012 at Texas Tech University and a Master of Exercise Physiology at the University of Texas at Arlington in 2014.

    Her passion for sport, exercise science, and research has allowed her to work in various settings including research laboratories to improve athletic performance and exercise program design. She has worked across various populations including rural communities and amongst athletes and sports teams including; basketball, rugby, and track & field. Lisa has worked globally in countries such as United Kingdom, Stockholm, and the Solomon Islands.

    Lisa joined the POGO Physio team in May 2021 following her experience working in rural communities in Southwest Queensland.

    Lisa is passionate about getting people to their finish line and helping them achieve their goals. She enjoys working with various populations and has a specialist interest in musculosketal injuries and return to sport.

    Lisa was born in Berlin, Germany due to her family being stationed at the Berlin military base. Lisa is a coffee enthusiast who loves travel, time with friends and family, and loves basketball.