Bruna PellenzAccredited Remedial Massage Therapist

    Bru fosters a space to explore somatic movements. With over four years of hands-on knowledge in bodywork treatments and over ten years as a Yoga Teacher, Bru strives to help her clients improve through various soft tissue techniques. This includes MFR, Dry Needling, Chinese cupping, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep tissue therapy, PNF stretches, joint MOB, MET assessment and Kinesiology taping.

    As a qualified remedial therapist, Bru has expanded her knowledge in her recent Bachelor of Clinical Sciences (Osteopathic Studies) enrolment. Bru’s passion for learning sees her continually explore professional development in anatomy, physiology, correct methods to move the body, functional movement, mobility, breath regulation and mindfulness. Bru’s treatments are infused with her knowledge, passion for yoga, and functional movements.